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some type of way


bonanza: some type of way
conrad guevara
lindsay tully
lana williams

250-edition artist book with letter press cover

Published on the occasion of the exhibition bon/anza 3: dress for this
n/a, October 18 - December 6

Organized by Bonanza and n/a
Produced by Nicholas Andre Sung
Edited by Kara Q. Smith and Jenny Florence
Graphic Design by Alexandra Anderson
Letterpress by Emji Spero
Printed by 1984 in Oakland, CA
Title Page images by Kristine Eudey

4304 west street
oakland, ca 94608

featuring twenty artists, performers, and curators, 'some type of way' showcases a collection of artworks, essays and conversations around collaboration as a strategy of creative, social, and personal empowerment and resistance. contributors include:

ap-art-ment : laura boles faw and cathy fairbanks

marion anthonisen

bonanza : conrad guevara, lindsay tully, lana williams

candidate : lovett / codagnone and michele pauli

margit galanter and nicholas sung

jackie im and aaron harbour

amanda roscoe mayo

kait mooney

legacy russell

stairwell's : sarah hotchkiss and carey lin

chris e. vargas and greg youmans

wendy yao

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